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At Sapienza Travel we create compelling, curated tours for the culturally curious, with never more than 22 guests on a tour. Our expert guides and lecturers have put together tours and experiences that tell the stories of the people who created the art and history of the cities we visit.  We hope you will enjoy learning something new, visit somewhere you haven't been before, see places you have already visited in a new light and make friends.

Our tours take you to periods in history where monumental changes, incredible advances in science, politics, and religion have left us with extraordinary art and architecture. Our guides have been chosen for their indisputable knowledge but, above all, for their passion for their subject: 

Evening meals and entertainments include visits to palazzos, talks and drinks parties with local dignitaries in beautiful settings.

Join us on one of our tours and experience interesting times, past and present!
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Why choose Sapienza Travel to explore the world?
Sapienza Travel is a luxury escorted travel company offering curated tours for small, culturally curious groups to destinations across Europe. The company was created to offer innovative, creative and enjoyable trips that enrich and delight our guests. The company takes its name from the Italian "sapienza" which translates into English as "knowledge", "wisdom" and "learning"; and it is our desire that our tours are informative.

In our portfolio, we offer curated art history and architecture tours, and visits to opera festivals. These tours have been designed with our philosophy of exploring history in a richer context. When entering large museums and art galleries our curated approach leads you to selected artworks that provide a deeper understanding and appreciation of an overall theme.

Alongside our meticulously planned itineraries we strive to provide an exemplary level of service from an initial enquiry through to your return home, and hopefully onto future curated tours.
Our tours are led by art historians, sommeliers, singers and artists who have many years of experience in their respective fields. They are designed around strong, narrative themes to give you a good insight and an understanding of the events, places, and people who have coloured European history. These are curated experiences that we hope to leave you stimulated and with a desire for more. But of course, these are holidays as well so plenty of time is set aside to enjoy the food, wine and surroundings and for your own personal exploration.
Our tour leaders can truly be described as experts in their respective fields. Their sheer passion and enthusiasm is infectious.
Our tour leaders can truly be described as experts in their respective fields. Their sheer passion and enthusiasm for their subjects is infectious. Supporting them will be one of our tour managers who make sure that every aspect of your holiday runs smoothly.
Sapienza Travel strives to find the new, the unusual and the difficult to access - whether that be people or places - to deliver a truly immersive experience in the life and times of the cities that you visit on your holiday with us. Many of these experiences are made possible through our network of contacts and through the generosity of individuals and institutions and are not available on other tours.
The hotels we have chosen for you are either four or five-star rating to ensure your comfort throughout your holiday. In selecting hotels, we have followed our philosophy to immerse our guests, as much as we can, in the history of the destinations we visit. Many of the hotels are in buildings of historical importance, whether that be for who lived in them, who commissioned them or who designed them. With that in mind, the room sizes, their views and their decor do vary and to reflect this some rooms are offered at a higher price.
To ensure you have an enjoyable holiday with Sapienza Travel limits the size of our curated tours to twenty-two guests. With both a lecturer and a tour manager on all our curated tours, we aim to make sure your holiday experience is both informative and enjoyable. As the years' pass, we hope to see many guests return and to become part of the Sapienza Travel family.
One of the joys of travelling is the opportunity to sample regional culinary delights and wine produced locally. Included in all our tours is breakfast every morning, plus some lunches and dinners, at which wine, water and tea/coffee are included.

We choose restaurants that provide good quality, local cuisine. It is our ambition to create a convivial atmosphere during all our group meals. Acknowledging that our guests might prefer the opportunity for personal exploration, time is made available for guests to find restaurants of their own choosing, whether alone or in smaller parties. Our lecturers and tour managers can make recommendations. Equally, they would be delighted if you would join them.
Many of the cities we visit are very popular destinations and can become very overcrowded. Others enjoy hot summers, or conversely very cold winters. Bearing all these factors in mind, our curated tours are designed to take place when the climate is pleasant and the crowds small so we are not jostling with others to gaze at a painting, meander through the streets or climb the steps of palace. Each guest is issued with a digital audio tour guide headset and receiver, with the lecturer having a microphone through which they speak at an audible level, which is important in places where quiet is required. These systems allow you to wander away from the lecturer to view things that pique your interest, while still being able to hear the lecturer speaking.
Many of the cities we visit are hundreds, if not thousands of years old, and with that come cobbled streets, uneven ground, worn steps, and sometimes quite tight spaces. Our curated tours are made up of full-day visits to interesting places which require a reasonable level of stamina. Against each tour, there is a short paragraph indicating the level of fitness necessary to fully enjoy your Sapienza Travel curated tour. If you are unsure about whether one of our curated tours is suitable for you, please contact us.
Sapienza Travel Limited provides you with 100% financial guarantees via our membership of the Travel Trust Association and as an ATOL holder.