Returns/Refunds Policy


If you cancel your booking, we will make a charge to offset costs incurred on your behalf. Charges vary according to the period of notice given. Up to, and including 64 days prior to the tour departure date, the deposit is forfeited. Thereafter, a percentage of the total cost of the tour will be due:

- Between 63 days and 29 days: 40%
- Between 28 days and 15 days: 60%
- Between 14 days and 3 days: 80%
- Within 48 hours: 100%

We take as the day of cancellation the working day (Monday to Friday, excluding Bank Holidays) on which we receive written confirmation of your cancellation. Your travel insurance policy may cover you for at least some of your losses.

If you cancel your booking in a double or twin room but are travelling with a companion who chooses to continue to participate on the tour, the companion will be liable to pay the stipulated single supplement.

If you want to make a change after your initial booking (and outside the fifteen-day period from the date of your booking confirmation), we will endeavour to satisfy your requirements once we have received written confirmation from you, but we shall make a charge to reflect any costs involved in this. No guarantee is made by Sapienza Travel Limited that these changes can be satisfied.