Our Tours

Below you will find all our current tours listed in chronological order, from the earliest to depart to the latest.

We hope that you find a small group escorted tour that excites you. If you would like to improve your singing and painting, Sapienza Travel offers master class holidays in each with the soprano, Janis Kelly and the artist, Tim Wright. Book your Sapienza Travel tour to make your 2018 holidays enjoyable and enriching.
with Thomas Abbott
20th - 23rd April 2018
with Thomas Abbott
4th - 8th April 2018
10th - 14th April 2019
with Christina Helmsley
27th June - 1st July 2018
9th - 13th August 2018
with Tim Wright
15th - 22nd July 2018
with Tim Wright
11th - 18th August 2018
with Janis Kelly
7th - 10th December 2018
with Janis Kelly
14th - 17th December 2018
with Sarah McBryde
15th - 19th May 2018
14th - 18th May 2019